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For more than 48 years, Dial Industries has been a Food Service Redistribution company serving the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state area, including Long Island and Metropolitan NYC—as well as the surrounding Northeast Region.

We provide our customers with industry-leading customer service and expedient product delivery. Dial is proud to deliver to our customers competitive pricing on a variety of food products as well as a commitment to non-sales to your customers.

Quality, service and integrity to our customers and vendors—this is what Dial Industries, Inc. is all about!


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The Dial Market Place offers you an opportunity to gain entry into the worldwide food marketplace. In our Market Place, you can buy, sell or  advertise food products and services as well as find partners, grow your profits, and increase customer awareness of your business.


Our History

Dial Industries was founded in 1972 by Stephen Mallor and inspired by his father Joseph. The business had its roots with Joseph Mallor Brokerage Co., where the redistribution had its beginning. Dial expanded into the food redistribution industry to better serve other food service distributors. Dial Industries has developed a niche that allows its customers to save money by buying what they need, when they need it at cost effective prices.

Over the past 43 years, Dial Industries has expanded from a small food redistribution company into one of the largest food redistributors in the tri-state area.
In 1997 Stephen’s son Neal joined the Dial team. Neal's creativity and unique technological skills helped the company to expand its product line and increase the company’s efficiency to better service its customers and vendors.

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           Dial Industries’ goal is to provide our customers with first-class service, integrity, and reliability. Dial is committed to making the customer the vanguard of its operation.  Created in 1972, Dial was built on the belief that customer orientation is an important component in any organization, large or small. Dial’s philosophy is that business is the by-product of honest relationships. These principles of conducting business are the foundation of  our family-owned and operated company and resulted in more than 43 years of proud service.

Our goal is to enable our foodservice distributor customers an alternative to purchasing direct, without any logistical restrictions. Dial provides its customers the capability to procure dry groceries expediently, cost effectively and with excellent customer service that is accountable. Dial Industries, Inc. will remain straightforward and consistent in its commitment of non-sales to our customers' end-user – operator accounts. Our company will guarantee this commitment by strictly operating as a foodservice redistributor of nationally branded dry groceries.

We draw your attention to the Dial Market Place.

The Dial Market Place is our concept of bringing buyers and sellers together locally, nationally and worldwide. Retailers, food distributors and restaurants can find new food products online and sellers and food manufacturers can introduce new food products to retailers, food service operations and distributors.